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From Cardiff and Vale College to Oxbridge

Every student wants to be admitted to famous universities and become elite leaders in the future, but how should they continuously improve themselves and get high marks to make a dream come true?

To be a student of the world's top universities, such as the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, maybe one of the toughest challenges for students, who not only have to aim for the best results in their subjects but also have to prepare the interview.

Due to these challenges, CAVC has set up an advanced progression course to provide professional guidance and tailored curriculum model for the outstanding students of CAVC China who are striving to be admitted to famous universities.

CAVC students will have their personal mentor and comprehensive one-to-one guidance in the whole advanced progression course. In addition, students will also participate in the open day activities regularly at the University of Oxford and other top universities in the world to strengthen their personal advantages.

Course Content and Advantages


Students will not only receive extra academic support on the A-Level subject but also will have access to the campus culture of the world's top schools. All personal tutors are strictly screened and have profound qualifications. Outstanding students will study at the highest standard in the advanced progression course.


Mentors will help students to get high marks in BMAT, MAT and other authoritative examinations by instructing them Biomedical Science and other professional courses.


CAVC will set up simulation tests, such as the entrance examination of the University of Cambridge etc. to help students to carry out tests and give them comprehensive feedback.


Professional mentors will teach students to succeed in an interview with the necessary skills. Students also have the chance to participate in a mock interview to prepare for the final actual combat.


Mentors will instruct students how to prepare personal statements in UCAS and provide guidance on UCAS selection and application.

We always attach importance to students' personal development and advocate holistic education. CAVC team strive to educate students to be world elites and sincerely invite you to come to CAVC China.

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